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Rating: 7 stars


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Seen 2 times

Seen on: 05/06/2020, 04/24/2009 (rewatch)

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Black Belly of the Tarantula (1971)

Directed by Paolo Cavara

Crime | Mystery | Thriller

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Inspector Tellini investigates serial crimes where victims are paralyzed while having their bellies ripped open with a sharp knife.

Rated R | Length 98 minutes


Giancarlo Giannini | Rossella Falk | Giancarlo Prete | Claudine Auger | Barbara Bach | Barbara Bouchet | Eleonora Giorgi | Carla Mancini | Stefania Sandrelli | Silvano Tranquilli | Nino Vingelli | Fulvio Mingozzi | Annabella Incontrera | Giuseppe Fortis | Giorgio Dolfin | Guerrino Crivello | Daniele Dublino | Ettore Mattia | Ezio Marano | Anna Saia | Alfonso Giganti | Eugene Walter

Viewing Notes

Cool to finally view this again after 10+ years and that my failing memory basically made this like a first time viewing. The mystery gialli premise is just okay but it’s the cast that really makes this one worth viewing starting with Giancarlo Giannini as the main protag (he’s really the only thing I recalled from my previous viewing b/c he’s great). He’s trying to solve these series of murders of beautiful woman beginning w/Barbara Bouchet in the first sequence. I do like how it could be a few different suspects as the killer.

The reason I earmarked to revisit this is b/c I just saw saw Barbara Bouchet in Don’t Torture a Duckling and Claudine Auger in A BAY OF BLOOD which I also recently watched.


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