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Seen on: 05/10/2020

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The Strange Vice of Mrs Wardh (1971)

Directed by Sergio Martino

Crime | Mystery | Thriller

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When socialite and heiress Julie Wardh begins receiving blackmail letters attributed to a mysterious serial killer, she suspects her cruel and sadistic former lover Jean is behind them. With her husband Neil frequently out of town, she falls into the arms of her friend’s cousin George, and as the unknown assassin begins to make his move, she fears that one of the three men in her life may be the killer.

Rated R | Length 98 minutes


Conchita Airoldi | Alberto de Mendoza | Carlo Alighiero | Bruno Corazzari | Edwige Fenech | Ivan Rassimov | George Hilton | Manuel Gil | Brizio Montinaro | Miguel Del Castillo | Giuseppe Marrocco | Che Tejada | Francesco Narducci | Marella Corbi | Pouchi | Mira Vidotto | Oscar Sciamanna

Viewing Notes

Despite owning this Blu for a while I’ve been putting off viewing it bc it’s one of the last *big* giallo films I had to see. Yes there are plenty more unseen gialli but I’ve hit all the major ones (those that always appear on the best-of lists) except this one and THE FIFTH CORD, which I may own. Given that I’ve been revisiting a few giallo films recently I decided it was time to finally give it a spin.

The film definitely lives up to the hype. It really has all the ingredients. This is Edwige Fenech’s first real big leading role (she’s literally the center of the story) and she’s excellent. Her acting chops got more refined and nuanced later on but she’s perfect as this ball of frenzied anxiety. This is also one of those movies that repeat viewings can be rewarding.

Another connective tissue between this film the others I’ve recently seen (besides Fenech, Sergio Martino and this being a giallo) is the appearance of Ivan Rassimov whom we last saw in YOUR VICE IS A LOCKED ROOM, which is oddly related to a clue in this movie.

Fenech and Hilton would go on to make ALL THE COLORS OF THE DARK shortly after this film.


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