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The Man from Button Willow (1965)

Directed by David Detiege

Western | Family | Animation

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In 1869, Justin Eagle lives on his ranch called “The Eagle’s Nest” near the town of Button Willow, California. In addition to being a rancher, Juston is a trouble-shooter for the U. S. Government which calls for him to act as an undercover operative and thwart the forces of evil in the rapidly-growing West. He is sent to San Franciso to find missing U. S. Senaator Freeman, who has disappeared while fighting the efforts of Montgomery Blaine, a villain who has been, with the aid of his henchman, “The Whip,” forcing settlers to sell their land to him, not knowing that the land is in the path of a proposed railroad, from Utah, that will link the western United States to the East. Senator Freeman is the leader of an effort to veer the railroad southward to bypass Blaine’s land and, for his efforts, is kidnapped by Bliane’s henchmen and shanghaied from the San Francisco waterfront. Justin Eagle’s job is to find and return him safely.

Length 81 minutes


Pinto Colvig | Herschel Bernardi | Edgar Buchanan | Dale Robertson | Ross Martin | Verna Felton | Clarence Nash | John Hiestand | Barbara Jean Wong | Shepard Menken | Buck Buchanan

Viewing Notes

The funniest thing about this is that description from TMDb. That’s like 20 percent of the movie and perhaps 15 minutes of the 80 minute runtime. The the hero returns in chapter one then it movies onto the old miner guy. Then a colt is born. There’s a long sequence with the animals chasing each other when I mountain lion threatens the colt and dog is injured. Oh there’s also stormy the Chinese girl who is oddly the thread thru most of these segments. Eventually the cowboy hero goes to San Francisco and stops the pirates as detailed in that TMDb description. It’s an MGM animated film aping Disney and therefore not nearly as good.

Was the feature film for the DKUTV Anime World Monday.


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