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kast junior high school short film musical RonP

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Seen on: 05/16/2020

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Junior High School (1978)

Directed by Michael Nankin, David Wechter

Comedy | Musical | Short

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Before GLEE, HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL, or even the movie GREASE, four young film school graduates created this all-singing, all-dancing, award-winning musical. JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL pokes fun at 1970s school traditions while following an awkward 8th grade boy’s pursuit of the most beautiful girl on campus.

Rated NR | Length 37 minutes


Charlie Brill | Mitzi McCall | Paula Abdul | P. David Ebersole | Ira Kaplan | Carol Gwynn Thompson | David Frishberg | Karen Capelle | Kirk Burnett | Mikal Robert Taylor | Toni Mazarin | Haya Kohn | Matt Caplan | Jim Norris | Kevin Kucera | Candy Breen | Cissy Wechter | Bart Tallakson | Melinda Lilly | Anna Martson | Jan Kohler | Ronald Blum | David Eisenberg | Kurt Vitolo | Chris Lyons | Jan Russell | Joanne Scott | Lisa Tucker | Kirk Howe | Eric Spears | Sally Schroeder | Jim Carolla | Raelene Claussen | Tamara Harrison | Suzann Spears | Ed Bloom | Art Ginsburg | Ellis Lee | Gerry Nankin | Bernie Rosenthal | Natalie Bloom | Bob Gossom | Natalie Nankin | Lillian Wechter | Sonia Pro

Viewing Notes

This was the second “feature” in Paul’s “School’s Out” watch party on KAST… but it’s really a short film and very bad yet hilarious esp. when watching w/a bunch of other ppl. It’s so weird I’m curious how and why it was made. I’d really love to see this with a crowd of ppl in a theater or big home viewing party.


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