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Seen on: 05/20/2020

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Project Nightmare (1987)

Directed by Donald M. Jones

Science Fiction

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Beneath the desert lies a terrifying secret! While camping out, two close friends, Gus and John are attacked by an awesome, but unidentifiable force. Fleeing this unknown terror, they come upon Marcy, a vision of beauty, alone in the desert. She’s too good to be true – and probably isn’t!

Length 90 minutes


Seth Foster | Charles Miller | Elly Koslo | Harry Melching | LeRoy Hughes | Jeff Braun | Lance Dickson | Kathleen Lane | David Constantine

Viewing Notes

Jason Coffman (Tomorrow Romance) Wednesday KAST.、this is the kind of movie made for KAST watch parties. Like a bizarro prequel to LOST. But really bad.

Have issues joining this KAST party for whatever reason. Can’t use the desktop app, which I prefer. Can’t use the web browser. Sent a ticket to support.

Weird I can login via the iOS app on my phone.


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