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Calamity of Snakes (1982)

Directed by Chi Chang


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During the construction of luxury apartment buildings a huge nest of thousands of snakes is discovered. Francis Chang (the boss) refuses to delay the construction and orders to kill all the animals. He is repeated warned by his wife, who had some nightmares concerning him and the snakes. They do not manage to kill all snakes and so they take revenge on the construction workers and Francis Chang. Soon thousands of killer snakes under the lead of a giant Boa invades the building an kill all the new inhabitants. Even a snake master can’t stop them.

Length 86 minutes


Wei Pin-ao | Kao Yuen | Ou-Yang Sha-Fei | Lee Ying | Lo Pi-Ling | Ng Yin | Hsiang Yun-Peng | Chou Chung-Lien | Sam Yan-Chi | Lo Toi-Lan

Viewing Notes

If you thought “oh this Cannibal Holocaust could’ve been worse in its depiction of animals” then here’s a movie for you. That is to say this is a rough watch. The premise is that these developers build an apartment complex on top of some giant snake nest so the snakes mount an attack after the construction is completed and tenants now live in the complex.

In the opening sequence the workers discover hundreds of snakes in a hole in the foundation so they proceed to destroy them. It’s very graphic and goes on for a while. Little did I know that was just a warm up for what’s to come.

I’ve never seen this many live snakes in a movie. Hundreds probably thousands of snakes were used then slaughtered in a variety of ways throughout the course of this movie. It’s unbelievable even as you’re viewing it. Have not seen anything on the scale as this nor would I watch this again.

Understandably they couldn’t make this movie today using real snakes but I think this really shows the differences in culture. Snakes are a food item in China/HK so therefore disposable. There’s zero thought or concern for the care and condition of the snakes. So context is key here. Also you can see from the elevator shots that there is no 4th floor in the complex bc the number 4 represents death in Asian cultures. And they are very superstitious.

I don’t even know what to rate this.


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