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Seen on: 07/11/2020

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Superior Ultraman 8 Brothers (2008)

Directed by Takeshi Yagi

Action | Science Fiction

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Ultraman Moebius is joined once again by Ultraman, Ultra Seven, Ultraman Jack, and Ultraman Ace, as well as three later Ultramen (Tiga, Dyna, and Gaia) to fight more powerful versions of familiar Ultra Monsters.

Length 98 minutes


Koji Moritsugu | Susumu Kurobe | Hiroshi Nagano | Takeshi Tsuruno | Takeshi Yoshioka | Shunji Igarashi | Jiro Dan | Keiji Takamine | Takami Yoshimoto | Kurumi Hashimoto

Viewing Notes

Okay I realize that this is just a nostalgia grab but damn if it didn’t work on me. Nearly in tears with all the flashback scenes when the old timers (Ultraman, Seven, Ace and Jack) show up to join the battle. This had me reminiscing about being at Ultraman Festival for the 50th anniversary back in 2016; seeing all the suits on display and the live performance was quite a memorable occasion! I really want to watch those old series now (I’ve only seen the OG and Seven series and maybe bits of Ace).

The description makes it sound like this is an Ultraman Moebius story but it’s really an Ultraman Tiga movie and the others join him.

Really love seeing all these original actors even from the 1990s series appear. Cool to see Hiroko Sakurai again in this movie but at least here she’s resuming her role in the OG series as Akiko Fuji. I met her in Japan on the G-Tour; she’s so nice! Also I like that this was set in Yokohama. I would totally buy this movie it it’s out there. Guess I can’t go too hard on Kawasaki for not destroying buildings in KAIJU MONO; they didn’t really destroy any buildings in Yokohama despite some big battles. :)

This is part of Day 3 programming on DKUTV in conjunction with KaijuConLine happening this weekend. Today is all Ultra films.


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