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Seen on: 07/16/2020

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Confession of Murder (2012)

Directed by Jung Byung-gil

Action | Crime | Thriller

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On the day the 15-year statute of limitations expired on a high profile serial murder case that claimed the lives of 10 women, a family member of the victim throws himself off the building in front of Choi Hyeong-goo, the detective in charge of the case. Two years later, a man called Lee Doo-seok publishes a book titled “I am the Murderer” claiming responsibility for the murders that took place 17 years ago. His book becomes a bestseller because of the author’s charming looks and his vivid depiction of the crime. The detective and the self-proclaimed murderer meet face to face on a television debate show. Believing that Lee is nothing but a con artist, Detective Choi renews his search for the ultimate truth. Then another man appears suddenly, claiming he is the real killer.

Length 119 minutes


Jeong Jae-Yeong | Kim Young-ae | Jo Eun-ji | Jang Gwang | Park Shi Hoo | Jeong Hae-gyun | Kim Jong-gu | Oh Yong | Park Woong | Choi Won-young | Kim Min-sang | Min Ji-a | Jo Eun-joo

Viewing Notes

Sorta kinda back on my bullshit—> checked this out of my library in early March and now 4 months later it’s finally due so…

Holy Shit Why Did I Wait So Long To Watch This Movie.

I’m guessing it’s that rather wordy description because that does nothing to sell this movie. When this movie really started to break loose (there’s an early traffic / chase sequence this is totally bananas) I was hoping and praying that this was based on a true story. Damn. This is some fucked up Korean crime shit staged in such a way I really had no idea where it was going (the best kind). It’s also fucking ridiculous.

My biggest challenge was grasping w/the dates and this statute of limitations on crimes bc that’s some whack shit. Initially thought it was like 2 years based on the timestamps shown on screen and that seemed very wrong… ex. 2 years after committing a murder the perp is off the hook. But then it was clear that it was a longer period of time but it doesn’t do a good job of crystallizing that, IMO. Because how is this dude that wrote the book on these murders so freakin’ young? Anyways, some shit ya just gotta leave at the door. Sit back and enjoy this crazy story. It’s a fun one and one I wished I had seen in theater. I don’t recall it playing at my cinema or I may have skipped it back then.


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