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Seen on: 07/17/2020

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Three Giant Men (1973)

Directed by T. Fikret Uçak

Action | Crime

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Istanbul is being terrorized by a crime wave, and the police call in American superhero Captain America and Mexican wrestler Santo to put a stop to it.

Length 81 minutes


Altan Günbay | Aytekin Akkaya | Dogan Tamer | Hasan Ceylan | Yavuz Selekman | Mine Sun | Deniz Erkanat | Teyfik Sen | Ersun Kazançel

Viewing Notes

First flick in the superhero themed Tomorrow Romance TV double feature via Kast. I’ve known this movie by it’s Turkish title “3 Dev Adam” but had not seen it. It’s pretty ridiculous and not very good yet amusing to view in a watch party setting. In this wild interpretation of western superheroes, Spider-Man is the villain. He and his cronies are thwarted by Captain America and Santo the Wrestler. It has its moments but this is mostly a cheap production that reminded me a live action film of knock-off toys.


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