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Seen on: 07/20/2020, 07/19/2020

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Special Actors (2019)

Directed by Shinichiro Ueda

Drama | Comedy

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Kazuto has a lifelong dream of becoming an actor, but has been suffering from a special medical condition where he faints and collapses when he gets nervous. One day, he encounters his brother, Hiroki, who he hasn’t seen for years. Hiroki invites Kazuto to a talent agency called SPECIAL ACTORS where they do unusual roles in which actors portray real people in real life.  After accomplishing some tasks, they are now assigned to a very difficult operation, which is to save the client’s inn from being taken over by a cult group. Would Kazuto be able to accomplish this mission!?

Length 110 minutes


Ayu Kitaura | Yaeko Kiyose | Mana Minamihisamatsu | Saburou Miyajima | Kazuto Osawa | Hiroki Kono | Tan Li | Takuya Fuji | Yosuke Ueda | Ayumi Nigo | Miyu Ogawa | Rina Tsugami | Tatsuya Mitsuki | Takahiro Kawaguchi | Mana Sakurai | Issei Yamashita | Keisuke Hirose | Takumi Harano

Viewing Notes

Shinichiro Ueda’s latest isn’t really a follow-up to his global sensation ONE CUT OF THE DEAD since he’s made another film in the period between that and this one but it’s being billed as his next. Not sure this one reaches those same lofty heights but it’s damn sure entertaining and very funny. I will be watching this one again.


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