Extro (2019)

Directed by Naoki Murahashi


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Dives deep into the tragicomic world of the"towns-people” stand-ins working at Warp Station Edo, a popular shooting location for samurai dramas, through a piercing study of a 63-year-old extra. Utilizing mockumentary stylings, this ambitious film forms a compelling commentary on the aspirations that shape film production and the feelings that a simple, ho-hum life can evoke.

Length 89 minutes


Nobuhiko Ōbayashi | Koji Yamamoto | Yuki Saito | Yasufumi Terawaki | Ryo Kato | Tatsumi Fujinami | Taishi Masaoka | Tateto Serizawa | Yûji Abe | Kazuko Kurosawa | Hirohito Goto | Haginoya Kozo | Tatsuya Ishii

Viewing Notes

Entertaining mockumentary about the extras and a talent agency that places extras for tv and film for Warp Station Edo movie studio. Not sure what real studio backlot they used but it reminded me of when I visited TOEI Kyoto Studio Park in Kyoto and watched an Edo period tv series being filmed while I was there. Really neat to see the old period sets in this film but also a novel approach to showcase the extras used in these productions.

There’s a kaiju film that was unreleased that they show in this movie PREHISTORIC SPACE MONSTER GAMOGEDORA that looks like fun. Overall this is a cute movie about filmmaking and the troubles faced on set.


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