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kast summer camp Canada slapstick

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Seen on: 07/25/2020

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Oddballs (1984)

Directed by Miklós Lente


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A Canadian sex comedy about saving a summer camp from becoming a shopping mall.

Rated PG | Length 91 minutes


Marco Bianco | Kimberly Brooks | Mike MacDonald | Carolyn Tweedle | Terrea Smith | Foster Brooks | Milan Cheylov | Konnie Krome | Donnie Bowes | Tony Mason | Anthony Mason | Jennifer Kaplan | Kim Cayer | Wally Wodchis | Jason Sorokin | Ruddy Hall | Andrew Perkins | Darlene Burlie

Viewing Notes

I don’t know what to rate this… it’s absolutely terrible but there are legit moments when I was laughing so hard I was almost in tears. So many WTF moments. I get the main premise of saving the camp but I could not explain everything else happening around it.


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