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Seen on: 07/29/2020

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Bath House of Whales (2019)

Directed by Mizuki Kiyama

Animation | Short

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Mizuki Kiyama’s short animation utilizes a paint on glass technique to render a young girl’s visit to a neighborhood sento (bath house) with her mother with dazzling sensuous wonder. Evoking childish fascination at daily rituals, this quotidian act amidst feminine intimacy becomes a space of otherworldly fantasy.

Length 7 minutes


Viewing Notes

Nice little animated short film about a mother who takes her daughter to the bath house. The animation is rather neat and looks like it was painted using tempera paint on glass. During the intro the director indicated that she had fond memories of her mother taking her to the bath house when she was a child and it was mostly Korean women (her mother is Korean) and it was a ritual in how they bathed each other. She wanted to capture that and it’s very sweet.


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