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Seen on: 07/30/2020

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Bleached Bones Avenue (2019)

Directed by Akio Fujimoto

Documentary | Short

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Myanmar-based director Fujimoto returns after his documentary-like feature drama Passage of Life (JC 2018) with an affective, drama-like documentary. The local Zomi people of the Chin State in western Myanmar dig to recover the remnants of 30,000 Japanese soldiers who fell in the “Battle of Imphal” 75 years ago—a form of daily labor for the Zomi that is complicated by the fact that many Burmese people died in the battle fighting for the Japanese. In this Japanese-Myanmar co-production, Fujimoto trains the camera to unravel the multiple perspectives and consider the act of digging up bones as both a metaphysical and physical act of reconciliation.

Length 16 minutes


Pu Paul Pau | Lang Za Khup

Viewing Notes

Like an episode of National Geographic. Presents something I didn’t know and provides a few factoids along with the exotic locale and nice photography. Seeing that view near the end of the clouds caught in the valley between mountains actually gave me hope that there is still a lost city hiding out there a la UNCHARTED.


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