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Seen on: 08/08/2020

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Supersonic Man (1979)

Directed by Juan Piquer Simón

Action | Science Fiction | Comedy

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A masked superhero (Michael Coby) with a private-eye disguise thwarts a madman’s (Cameron Mitchell) death-ray plot.

Length 88 minutes


Luis Barboo | Marta Fernández Muro | Cameron Mitchell | Antonio Cantafora | Frank Braña | José María Caffarel | Diana Polakov | Javier De Campos | Tito García | Quique Camoiras | Ángel Ter | Emilio Fornet | Teófilo Martínez | José Luis Ayestarán | José Antonio Rico | Emilio Higuera | Luis Castilla | Óscar Simón

Viewing Notes

First movie in Paul’s superhero themed watch party on Kast. Def wanted to see this one b/c it was directed Juan Piquer Simón (SLUGS). I think he makes interesting films even when they aren’t so good (ex. Mystery on Monster Island) and this one! It’s p goofy all around yet has a charm to it. Also reminds me a lot of PUMAMAN which came out the following year and opened the 2011 B-Fest. Paul mentioned in the live chat that this film would make a good B-Fest flick. I agree. It’s so similar to PUMAMAN. It’s unfortunate that B-Fest no longer programs films like these.


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