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Korean hit and run corrupt cop detective funeral cat and mouse

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Seen on: 08/09/2020

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A Hard Day (2014)

Directed by Kim Seong-hun

Crime | Thriller

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On the way to his mother’s funeral, a detective accidentally hits a person with his car. He takes the body with him and puts it into his mother’s coffin. The moment he feels relieved, he receives a call. This caller insists that he saw the detective’s hit-and-run, but instead of asking for money, he wants to know about the body’s whereabouts, leading to a do-or-die showdown of the witness and detective.

Rated PG-13 | Length 111 minutes


Lee Sun-kyun | Cho Jin-woong | Shin Jung-geun | Park Bo-gum | Jeong Man-sik | Shin Dong-mi | Kim Dong-young | Lee Ji-hoon | Heo Jung-Eun | Joo Suk-tae

Viewing Notes

Twisty borderline dark comedy but ultimately a corrupt cop slash coverup thriller that gets better as it goes. I suppose the first act of the movie is a dark comedy and included in the description: detective commits a hit & run and tries to cover-up the situation by burying the body with his dead mother. But that’s only the foundation of this cat and mouse rollercoaster. The main character (Lee Sun-kyun) is an awful detective; he’s also the upperclass father in PARASITE so it’s easy to hate on him here.

If this hasn’t already been remade in Hollywood it would be a good one to option. This story could work anywhere.


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