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Seen on: 08/20/2020

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Day for Night (1973)

Directed by François Truffaut

Drama | Comedy

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A committed film director struggles to complete his movie while coping with a myriad of crises, personal and professional, among the cast and crew.

Length 116 minutes


François Truffaut | Jean-Pierre Léaud | Marcel Berbert | Dani | Jean-François Stévenin | Jacqueline Bisset | Graham Greene | Alexandra Stewart | Jean-Pierre Aumont | Jean Champion | Niké Arrighi | David Markham | Bernard Ménez | Walter Bal | Gaston Joly | Zénaïde Rossi | Pierre Zucca | Marc Boyle | Valentina Cortese | Xavier Saint-Macary | Nathalie Baye | Maurice Seveno

Viewing Notes

Autobiographical look at the drama during a film shoot with Truffaut both directing and as the director of this faux film. From everything I know about filmmaking on real movies, everything that occurs in movie is on point which is the point. Truffaut is basically just making the movie of his experience making movies; all the drama and problems and whatnot that happen on and off set just trying to get the film made. It’s really cool and believable in that I’ve heard stories about other movies being made. Of course, that Truffaut casts himself as the director in this movie lends plenty of authenticity.

I watched a few of the supplements on the Criterion blu. All were very good had me wanting to view more of Truffaut’s work, which admittedly I have not seen much.

This was another mystery request from my library when it finally arrived from another area library in the InterLoan. Really had no clue why I ordered this particular film but during the viewing I had that *moment* and was happy. There’s a scene where Truffaut is dreaming and neon cinema marquees are appearing around him. I saw this short clip on my TL and that prompted me to get this movie.  Despite hating this pandemic this has been a small bright spot, forgetting why I requested certain movies then discovering the reason during the viewing. It’s like a little surprise gift. LOL


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