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Rating: 4.5 stars


Hong Kong sequel police robot fbi killer robot hacker double cross dubbed

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Seen on: 08/24/2020, 12/13/2003 (rewatch)

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Gen-Y Cops (2000)

Directed by Benny Chan

Action | Comedy | Thriller

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When terrorists abduct a deadly government attack robot, the call is put out to the Gen-Y Cops, an elite task force with lethal fighting skills. Together with a trigger-happy FBI agent, the Gen-Y Cops race against time to destroy the robot before it destroys their city.

Length 85 minutes


Edison Chen | Maggie Q | Paul Rudd | Christy Chung | Ricardo Mamood-Vega | Vincent Kok | Anthony Wong | Eric Kot | Stephen Fung | Sam Lee | Mark Hicks | Rachel Ngan | Cheung Tat-Ming | Lee Lik-Chi | Richard Sun Kwok-Ho | Reuben Langdon | Johnnie Guy | Hyper BB | Dirk Rommeswinkel | Skip Wilder | Desmond O'Neill

Viewing Notes

Welp. I did locate my DVDR of this and yep this is still as awful as I remembered it being. Besides just being goofy as shit (the whole RoboCop gone rogue bit is just ridiculous) it leans far too much into the humor and is in essence a action comedy, which I don’t really like much. In the previous GEN-X COPS it was the banter that made it fun but it wasn’t a comedy. This is just trying too hard and just doesn’t work. I do give it a half star bump for giving Maggie Q a solid role even if she’s a little young to be an FBI agent (she was 21 when this film was released!). I always forget Paul Rudd is in this movie and it’s really weird! Paul Rudd - action hero… hahahaha! His stunt double is obvious. ;)

Speaking of, I do have to give some praise here; most of the primaries including the main 3 dudes (Sam Lee, Stephen Fung and Edison Chen, who replaces Nicholas Tse) do a lot of their own stunts which is crazy to see. I know that’s just a HK filmmaking thing and they were probably too young to care but damn it’s wild to see them taking some big dives into the water and getting flung around and whatnot. Speaking of Edison Chen, he doesn’t have the same charisma as Nicholas Tse so it’s downgrade in my book. Also not crazy about the guy after his sex scandal in 2008. He just skeeves me out.

This DVDR was a rip from the only available DVD release at the time. And it looks terrible. I checked the streaming version on TUBI and it was the same shoddy 1.33:1 dubbed transfer so that’s unfortunate. Not sure a better version exists of either film and despite this not being a good movie I would like to see the original film in its OAR and proper language (mixed Cantonese/English).

This is what I was saying about Benny Chan in my GEN-X COPS notes, not all of his films are great but he certainly had a way with action and brings his own flourishes to the movie. I’m gonna view a few more of his films in the coming days but I’m very sad that we won’t get more of his work.

RIP Benny Chan (October 7, 1961 - August 23, 2020)


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