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Rating: 9 stars


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Seen on: 08/26/2020, 07/24/2010 (rewatch)

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Inception (2010)

Directed by Christopher Nolan

Action | Mystery | Thriller

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Cobb, a skilled thief who commits corporate espionage by infiltrating the subconscious of his targets is offered a chance to regain his old life as payment for a task considered to be impossible: “inception”, the implantation of another person’s idea into a target’s subconscious.

Rated PG-13 | Length 148 minutes


Lukas Haas | Russ Fega | Cillian Murphy | Earl Cameron | Tom Hardy | Michael Caine | Ken Watanabe | Pete Postlethwaite | Leonardo DiCaprio | Marion Cotillard | Tom Berenger | Silvie Laguna | Andrew Pleavin | Joseph Gordon-Levitt | Ellen Page | Michael Gaston | Yuji Okumoto | Natasha Beaumont | Talulah Riley | Tim Kelleher | Dileep Rao | Nicole Pulliam | Virgile Bramly | Carl Gilliard | Tohoru Masamune | Marc Raducci | Felix Scott | Alex Lombard | Taylor Geare | Claire Geare | Peter Basham | Shannon Welles | Miranda Nolan | Jack Murray | Mark Fleischmann | Jean-Michel Dagory | Johnathan Geare | Ryan Hayward | Coralie Dedykere | Nicolas Clerc | Kraig Thornber | Lisa Reynolds | Tai-Li Lee | Magnus Nolan | Helena Cullinan | Shelley Lang | Adam Cole | Angela Nathenson | Jill Maddrell | Jason Tendell | Jack Gilroy | Daniel Girondeaud

Viewing Notes

Free movie! Just me and two other dudes in the IMAX theater. This really is a great film and especially great on a huge movie screen. I’m a little ashamed that I haven’t revisited this since first seeing it on release 10 years ago and I’m not even sure what I thought about it then (other than I’m sure I enjoyed it).

Viewing this now, 10,000 other movies later, it is a marvel of filmmaking. So many moving parts to track and keep in check I just loved this experience. I was giddy with excitement for each new twist and how well these actors are so convincing. And tbh these actors are the type where you see the actor first then the character (a la Tom Cruise) so they have to go the extra mile to pull you into the story. And they did and I was genuinely concerned for them!

Not seeing this movie for 10 years probably enhanced this viewing as I forgot the little details and subtleties but even the sequences I recalled left me with wonder and amazement, specifically the hotel scenes. So good.

Having recently watched TDK trilogy this was a fun reunion of sorts and felt like a dream within that world of Gotham and the caped crusader. I believe even Ellen Page was on tap to portray a female Robin at one point. Overall, a terrific ensemble of very good actors.

Now that this first week is nearly over I’m curious if things will pick up at the theaters. This cinema is usually always busy (in the Before Times) and it was dead today (as dead if not more so than last week). Not sure how this will be sustainable for AMC or other chains experiencing the low turnout but can’t say I’m surprised. I’m sure most ppl imagine the theater to be like it was last time they went, completely packed. I’ve yet to see anything remotely like that over these past two months.


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