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Seen on: 08/19/2020

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Aster and Sidney (2016)

Directed by Sean Temple

Science Fiction | Thriller | Short

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Aster and Sidney are survivors. What destroyed their world is unknown, but what keeps them alive is a constant state of vigilance. Former strangers, they have bonded together against the threat of those who would harm them for the food in their packs or the shoes on their feet.

Rated NR | Length 17 minutes


Adjovi Koene | Charlotte Rea

Viewing Notes

Got into a discussion w/one of the directors of THORNS (and THE WATERHORSE) on Twitter and he shared a link to this earlier short film they made that I hadn’t seen. Damn this is another really good one from this duo and perhaps my second favorite after THORNS. They really know how to instill that sense of dread from the get-go. There’s a jump scare that got me and made me really happy.


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