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Seen on: 09/02/2020

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Bitter End of a Sweet Night (1961)

Directed by Yoshishige Yoshida


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An opportunistic department store clerk gets involved with three women and attempts to manipulate them so he can move up the social ladder.

Length 85 minutes


Kei Satō | Jun Hamamura | Michiko Saga | Osamu Takizawa | Masahiko Tsugawa | Takamaru Sasaki | Reiko Hitomi | Teruyo Yamagami | Hiroko Sugita | Hideo Kidokoro | Sumiko Hidaka

Viewing Notes

Early Japan New Wave flick about a young man trying to weasel his way up the food chain as he gets involved with a variety of women. He hopes that each relationship will lead to an easy path to riches but of course he’s a total dick.

The story mechanics seem similar to another movie I may have seen. Feels like the kind of American drama that would’ve hit in the 80s.


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