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The Footprints of a Spirit (1998)

Directed by Carlos Rodríguez

Documentary | History

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A documentary about The Spirit of the Beehive, directed by Víctor Erice in 1973.

Length 49 minutes


Elías Querejeta | Ana Torrent | Víctor Erice | Ángel Fernández Santos | Teresa Gimpera

Viewing Notes

This doc is one of the extras on the SPIRIT OF THE BEEHIVE Criterion release and it’s a wonderful recap of the ideas presented in the film as well as short history lesson of that period of Spanish cinema (early to mid-70s). I didn’t do it but I’d love to make a list of all the film clips and films mentioned for a future project. Will have to wait as I really don’t need more films to add to the list right now.

If there was one downside to this it’s using actor Ana Torrent (32yo at the time) in some dramatic reenactments visiting the locations where TSotB was filmed but only spending a minute to actually interview her. Seems like a huge wasted opportunity and I’m sure she has plenty more insight about the film and her career other than whether or not she likes Frankenstein.


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