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Amazon Prime Family Curse New Orleans mardi gras kidnapping murder voodoo

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Seen on: 08/27/2020

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Gothic Harvest (2019)

Directed by Ashley Hamilton


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The aristocratic, wealthy France-born Boudine family move to New Orleans in the mid-1800s to make their way in America. Then their beautiful youngest daughter cross paths with the fiancĂ© of the legendary Queen of Louisiana Voodoo, Marie Laveau. They have a baby and try to keep it a secret, but Madame Laveau finds out and decides that the entire family deserves the focus of Laveau’s most destructive curse.

Length 82 minutes


Lin Shaye | Bill Moseley | Ashley Hamilton | Sofia Mattsson | Tanyell Waivers | Ashton DeGroot

Viewing Notes

Sometimes I have to watch movies recently released to streaming platforms to remind myself why I don’t often watch new movies recently released to streaming platforms.
Despite a few good cast members (Shaye, Mosely) this is a p awful New Orleans set voodoo horror flick. Perhaps it’s biggest crime is being set during Mardi Gras… when nothing in the movie looks like it is set during Mardi Gras. It looks like the deadest time of the year given the absence of any people or crowds or excitement.

Anyways, I found this dvd at Dollar Tree but when I saw it was on Prime I just added to my queue and decided to watch it today.


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