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Seen on: 09/15/2020

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The Making of Shōgun (2003)

Directed by Chris Cruchley


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The set’s central 13-part production documentary hails from the miniseries’ previous DVD release but remains an extensive, insightful and, most importantly, candid overview of the production from start to finish, featuring a wide array of key players, chief among them author/producer James Clavell, director Jerry London, and actors Richard Chamberlain and Yoko Shimada.

Length 80 minutes


John Rhys-Davies | Joseph R. Jennings | Andrew Laszlo | Richard Chamberlain | Luca Bercovici | James Clavell | Yoko Shimada | Jerry London | Eric Bercovici | Frank Cardea | Chuy Elizondo

Viewing Notes

This doc about the tv miniseries SHOGUN is a lot more candid than I expected. All the stuff about working at Toho Studios and it being severely antiquated was quite fascinating yet not a surprise given the state of that studio at the time. I wonder if making this film forced them to reevaluate their production facilities and get more modernized.

Of course all the stuff about Mifune staying in character while on set was no shocker. Didn’t realize that this basically launched Rhys-Davies’ career (in his own words).

I’ve been wanting to revisit this miniseries for a while now having only a vague recollection of it from when it first aired. It was a big deal at the time and my mom was way into it having read Clavell’s book. Requested the Blu from the library.


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