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Seen on: 09/15/2020

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Aragami (2003)

Directed by Ryûhei Kitamura

Action | Comedy | Fantasy

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Two seriously wounded samurai find refuge from a storm at an isolated temple, the home of a swordsman and a mysterious young woman.  One samurai awakes to find that not only has his comrade died, but that his wounds have miraculously healed. He discovers that he has been given the power of immortality by the swordsman, a man once known as the legendary Miyamoto Musashi, who now lives an endless existence as Aragami, a “god of battle”.

Length 76 minutes


Masaya Kato | Tak Sakaguchi | Hideo Sakaki | Takao Osawa | Kanae Uotani

Viewing Notes

Was pleased to see DKUTV scheduled this since I haven’t seen it and was too busy to check if I have a copy somewhere. Because it all happens in one location it really feels like a stage play. In fact I think it would perform better in that live theatre format. As a movie it’s a tad goofy when it keeps reminding the viewer it’s a comedy but that would work well with a live audience and a wink wink from the stage. Still amusing altho I wish it had more Tak Sakaguchi. Of course I’d say that about any movie where he’s not the main star.


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