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Rating: 6 stars


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Seen on: 09/16/2020, 01/21/2009 (rewatch)

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Ringu 2 (1999)

Directed by Hideo Nakata

Supernatural | Horror

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While investigating the horrifying death of her boyfriend, Mai Takano (Miki Nakatani) learns about a videotape haunted by the spirit of a disturbing girl named Sadako, which kills anyone who watches it exactly one week later. When her boyfriend’s son, Yoichi, starts to develop the same psychic abilities as Sadako, Takano must find a way to keep the boy and herself from becoming the next victims.

Rated NR | Length 92 minutes


真田広之 | Kyoko Fukada | Yūrei Yanagi | Taro Suwa | Nanako Matsushima | Miki Nakatani | Hitomi Satô | Yôichi Numata | Katsumi Muramatsu | Rikiya Ôtaka | Fumiyo Kohinata | Kenjiro Ishimaru | Masako | Shinmei Tsuji | Rie Ino'o | Daisuke Ban | Miwako Kaji | Reita Serizawa | Yoshiko Yura

Viewing Notes

Revisiting for a podcast I’m guesting on to discuss the RINGU films. This is one I wasn’t so keen on when I first saw it over 11 years ago. Definitely like it more now esp. having just watched RINGU 0 and RINGU. It’s still not at the level of those two but it does do some interesting things and gives Miki Nakatani a lot more do (she has to carry the entire film). There is some odd stuff that doesn’t add up to the linear story being told but I am happy this isn’t a complete rehash of the previous film.

I get why they jumped back in the timeline to tell the origin story in RINGU 0 but I’m surprised they didn’t make a RINGU 3 and keep churning these out like they did for The Grudge films and Tomie even has a bunch of films. Granted, they did bring Sadako back in various forms over the years and technically they are part of the franchise but I think it became more of a “Sadako” thing after the original films.


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