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Seen on: 10/28/2020

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13 (2010)

Directed by Géla Babluani

Suspense | Thriller

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A naive young man assumes a dead man’s identity and finds himself embroiled in an underground world of power, violence, and chance where men gamble behind closed doors on the lives of other men.

Rated R | Length 91 minutes


Sam Riley | Alice Barrett | Jason Statham | Gaby Hoffmann | Emmanuelle Chriqui | Mickey Rourke | David Zayas | Ray Winstone | Michael Shannon | Michael Berry Jr. | Starla Benford | Daisy Tahan | Carlos Reig-Plaza | Doug Kruse | Chuck Zito | Anthony Chisholm | Stephen Gevedon | Doug Torres | 50 Cent | Alexander Skarsgård | Ben Gazzara | Ronald Guttman | John Bedford Lloyd | Mike D'Onofrio | Forrest Griffin | Alan Davidson | Ed Bergtold | Ricky Garcia | Danny Rutigliano | Joseph DeBona | Temur Babluani | Don Frye | Stephen Beach | J.D. Thompson | Eddy Toru Ohno | Lars Gerhard | Scott Dillin | Prianga Pieris | Omar Capra | David Conley | Rock Kohli | George Feaster | Chris McKinney | Frank Senger | Martin Murphy | Mark Havlis | Dan Paragon | William Fowle | Robert Testut | David Scott Klein | William Posner

Viewing Notes

When I requested this I didn’t realize it was a remake of 13 Tzameti by the same director. 13 Tzameti has been on my watchlist probably since the time it was released (and I may have a copy of it around here). I really want to see that now to compare w/this remake. Requested this bc of the cast and it’s definitely loaded. Even recognized Don Frye immediately. The movie is fine with a ridiculous performance from Michael Shannon. Wild to see Alex Skarsgard in a bit role but kinda everyone but Sam Riley is in a bit role?

Really interesting to see both Statham and Rourke in this when they were also in THE EXPENDABLES together that same year. Statham also did CRANK while Rourke in IRON MAN 3. Only mentioning bc they have small supporting roles here against those much larger films.

Also I dunno why Forrest Griffin is in this. It’s such a quick cameo but maybe he did it to help his acting career? I think his voice is dubbed. Seems like there are a few voices that were dubbed.


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