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Seen on: 06/17/2021

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Blood Brothers (1973)

Directed by Chang Cheh

Drama | Action | Eastern

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Set in the waning years of the Ching Dyansty, this dramatic, tragic, romantic, blood-soaked martial arts tale of betrayal and revenge explores one of the most sensational scandals in Chinese history and marked the true ascension of its director and actors to superstar status. In fact, Ti Lung won Taiwan’s Golden Horse Award for Outstanding Performance as the challenging role of a jealous provincial governor who kills his friend in order to steal the man’s wife.   The 11th Golden Horse Awards: Special Award for Outstanding Performance (Ti Lung)

Length 118 minutes


David Chiang | Ti Lung | Chen Kuan-Tai | Ching Li | Cheng Miu | Wong Ching-Ho | Tin Ching | Yeung Chak-Lam | Danny Lee Sau-Yin | Fan Mei-Sheng

Viewing Notes

Did not realize that my DP library had a Shaw Brothers film sitting on the shelf that a) I’ve never seen and b) directed by Chang Cheh. Wasn’t planning on getting anymore dvds from my library but made an exception for this one.

This is more drama than action, melodrama even. But there’s certainly some nice fighting exchanges between all the primary leads. Haven’t watched a Shaw flick with these guys in a while so it was nice to see them again. This movie also features one of the more bizarre freeze frames to end the film, which is saying a lot.

Someday I’ll view this again with the original language tho I don’t mind the English dub on these having seen so many that way. Chose the English dub so I could sort trash while viewing.


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