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Rating: 7 stars


bfest movie marathon theater 16mm short film

Seen 6 times

Seen on: 01/26/2018, 01/20/2017, 01/24/2014, 01/25/2013, 01/27/2012, 01/28/2011 (rewatch)

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The Wizard of Speed and Time (1979)

Directed by Mike Jittlov

Short | Animation | Fantasy

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In the original short film, a young man in a green wizard costume runs throughout America at super speed, much like the superhero The Flash. Along the way, he gives a pretty girl a swift lift to another city, gives golden stars to other women who want a trip themselves. He then slips on a banana peel and comically crashes into a film stage, which he then brings to life in magical ways.

Length 3 minutes


Toni Handcock | Mike Jittlov

Viewing Notes

Annual tradition at B-Fest, shown forward and in reverse.


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