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Seen on: 02/28/2004

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Thirteen (2003)

Directed by Catherine Hardwicke


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Tracy is a normal 13-year-old trying to make it in school. After befriending the most popular girl at school, Evie, Tracy’s world is turned upside down when Evie introduces her to a world of sex, drugs and cash. But it isn’t long before Tracy’s new world and attitude finally takes a toll on her, her family, and old friends.

Rated R | Length 100 minutes


Deborah Kara Unger | Holly Hunter | Jeremy Sisto | Sarah Clarke | Yasmine Delawari | Evan Rachel Wood | Brady Corbet | Mo McRae | Nikki Reed | Kip Pardue | Vanessa Hudgens | D.W. Moffett | Charles Duckworth | Jamison Yang | Steven Kozlowski | Matthew Muzio | Cynthia Ettinger | Angelique Bates | Tessa Ludwick | David Patykewich | Ulysses Estrada | Sarah Blakley-Cartwright | Jenicka Carey | Jasmine Di Angelo | Cece Tsou | Cynthia Nibler | Benjamin Anderson | Frank Merino | Java Benson | Brandy Rainey | Conor Dean Smith | Honore Sato

Viewing Notes

Watched “thirteen” w/Kevin last night who was also my friend when we were 13. The flick brought back a lot of memories and reminded us of many of the stupid things we did at that age. Fortunately things weren’t quite as over the top as portrayed in the flick nor as depressing… anyhoos, recommended viewing.


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