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Rating: 6.5 stars


Hong Kong

Seen 2 times

Seen on: 08/23/2020, 05/19/2000

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Gen-X Cops (1999)

Directed by Benny Chan

Action | Comedy | Thriller

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Four young officers of the Hong Kong Police are joined together to fight against organised crime using all possible means, even if this would lead them to break the law… Their first assignment is to eliminate a gang of criminals who have stolen a shipload of explosives.

Rated R | Length 114 minutes


Robert Sparks | Jackie Chan | Eric Tsang | Francis Ng | Daniel Wu | Keiji Sato | Hideri Meiken | Bey Logan | Alan Mak | Nicholas Tse | Ken Lo | Stephen Fung | Sam Lee | Grace Yip | Toru Nakamura | Terence Yin | Jaymee Ong | Gordon Lam | Yiu-Cheung Lai | Bradley James Allan | Vivian Lee | Moses Chan | Irene Luk | Tracy Wong | Jackie Wong | Ron Smoorenburg | Wong Wai-Fai | June Ng | Joey Choi

Viewing Notes

This will forever be known as the movie where I fell in lust with Jaymee Ong. Not a good movie by any stretch but one that I adore.


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