31 Days of Horror 2017

Attended by sleestakk

88 movies were watched during 31 Days of Horror 2017


Same as previous years: watch 31 unseen horror movies during October. No rewatches count for this challenge. Like prior challenges this should be pretty simple to accomplish. My focus this year is on top rated horror films I haven't seen from 1968 through 1990 as ranked at Flickchart. There's around 100 films I've compiled for this although some may not be available. Of course any other unseen horror films outside of that parameter will also apply to this project.

Movies viewed during 31 Days of Horror 2017
7 RulesMike Castro
AlexiaAndrés Borghi
American SatanAsh Avildsen
Audrey RoseRobert Wise
The Baby MonitorFrank Appio
Butter on the LatchJosephine Decker
CareTristan Aitchison
The CatLam Nai-Choi
Charlie BoyMatt Sears
Children Shouldn't Play with Dead ThingsBob Clark
Class of Nuke 'Em HighLloyd Kaufman, Richard W. Haines
The CrucifixionXavier Gens
Curse of ChuckyDon Mancini
DamselsJason C. Brown
Dark Night of the ScarecrowFrank De Felitta
Dark WatersMariano Baino
Death TrainKazuyuki Sakamoto
The Devil's Wedding NightJoe D'Amato, Luigi Batzella
Don't Hang UpAlexis Wajsbrot, Damien Macé
Don't Let Them InDavid Lawrence
Don't Look AwayChristopher Cox
Don't Torture a DucklingLucio Fulci
Dr. Phibes Rises AgainRobert Fuest
The Eidolon StatePaul Evans Thomas, Dion Cavallaro
EmmaMike Castro
FlatlinersNiels Arden Oplev
Flesh FeastBrad F. Grinter
The Fly IIChris Walas
FollowOwen Egerton
Friday the 13th Part IIISteve Miner
GhosthouseUmberto Lenzi
GrotesqueKôji Shiraishi
Happy Death DayChristopher B. Landon
HarlequinSimon Wincer
The Haunted CastleF.W. Murnau
Hello Mary Lou: Prom Night IIBruce Pittman
Horror ExpressEugenio Martín
House of Dark ShadowsDan Curtis
House of DraculaErle C. Kenton
The House on Sorority RowMark Rosman
The House That Cried MurderJean-Marie Pélissié
I heard it tooMatt Sears
The IncubusJohn Hough
The JigsawBasil Al-Safar, Rashad Al-Safar
Ju-Rei: The UncannyKôji Shiraishi
Kill DevilYûichi Onuma, Yûichi Onuma, Yûichi Onuma, Yûichi Onuma, Yûichi Onuma, Yûichi Onuma, Yûichi Onuma, Yûichi Onuma, Yûichi Onuma, Yûichi Onuma, Yûichi Onuma, Yûichi Onuma, Yûichi Onuma, Yûichi Onuma, Yûichi Onuma, Yûichi Onuma, Yûichi Onuma, Yûichi Onuma
Kiss of the TarantulaChris Munger
KuronekoKaneto Shindō
LeaningEnrico Conte
Lizard BabyYoshihiro Nakamura
Mail OrderEric Shapiro, Eric Shapiro, Eric Shapiro, Eric Shapiro, Eric Shapiro
The ManglerTobe Hooper
Manhattan BabyLucio Fulci
MonophobiaEvan Sparks
Murder by DecreeBob Clark
NovemberRainer Sarnet
Nurse Diary: Beast AfternoonNaosuke Kurosawa
Occult Detective Club: The Doll CemeteryKiyoshi Yamamoto
The PackageDamon Rickard
The PassingJohn Wynn
A Place of One's OwnBernard Knowles
Prom NightPaul Lynch
The PsychicLucio Fulci
The Return of DraculaPaul Landres
RV: Resurrected VictimsKwak Kyung-taek
Salem's LotTobe Hooper
SAWINRichard Donahue, Richard Donahue
Scream Blacula ScreamBob Kelljan
The Seventh SignCarl Schultz
Silence Becomes YouRobert Bevan
The Sleeping CarDouglas Curtis
The Snake WomanSidney J. Furie
The SnowmanTomas Alfredson
Son of DraculaRobert Siodmak
Splatter UniversityRichard W. Haines
Spontaneous CombustionTobe Hooper
The TenantRoman Polanski
Tokyo GhoulKentaro Hagiwara
Tokyo Vampire HotelSion Sono
Two Evil EyesGeorge A. Romero, Dario Argento
Vahset kasirgasiKadir Akgün
Valerie and Her Week of WondersJaromil Jireš
The Vault of HorrorRoy Ward Baker
When a Stranger CallsFred Walton
When a Stranger CallsSimon West
Where Is ItTodd Spence, Zak White
The White ReindeerErik Blomberg
Your Vice is a Locked Room and Only I Have the KeySergio Martino