Frightening Ass Film Fest

Attended by sleestakk

13 movies were watched during Frightening Ass Film Fest


CFF’s annual Halloween celebration, the Frightening Ass Film Fest is back. Get your badge for October 30 - 31 and celebrate the best time of the year with us from the comfort of your living room with a giant bag of Halloween candy.

Movies viewed during Frightening Ass Film Fest
TitleDirector(s)Year Released
Bad CandyDesiree Connell, Scott B. Hansen2020
CassetteIlya Polyakov2020
CystTyler Russell2020
The DoorKyle Mumford2020
Get the Hell OutWang I Fan2020
The Horror CrowdRuben Pla2020
Katherine’s LullabySavvas Christou2020
Momma, Don't GoRafael De Leon Jr.2019
She Dies TomorrowAmy Seimetz2020
Sister TempestJoe Badon2020
Sting of DeathWilliam Grefe1966
The StringsRyan Glover2020
The SurrogateSouth Turk2020