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Average Rating: 6.0/10

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Fantasy Mission Force (1983)

Directed by Chu Yen-ping

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Similar to “The Dirty Dozen” or one of that nature. Japan is trying to take over the world and the generals of the allied forces trying to stop the Japanese have been taken prisoner. A force of loners and fighters is put together to try and rescue the generals and save the war effort with the promise of gold and/or pardons of past crimes.

Rated R | Length 90 minutes


Jackie Chan | Brigitte Lin | Adam Cheng | David Tao | Paul Chang Chung | Jimmy Wang Yu | Chen Hung-Lieh | Chang Ling | Hsu Pu-Liao | Lee Kwan | Fong Ching | Sun Yueh | Cheng Fu-Hung | Mary Wong Ma-Lee | Lam Kai-Man | Gam Dai | Kan Ti-Men | Gam Ban | Frankie Kao | Dan Yang | Choi Sui-Tak | Kuo Kwan | Hu Hsiang-Ping