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Average Rating: 7.5/10

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My Rebellious Son (1982)

Directed by Sun Chung

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Here Chang Siu Tai is the son of Master Chang, a renowned chiropractor bone-setter operating a clinic in a poor neighborhood in an unidentified city in early 20th century China. Siu Tai works for his father and studies bone-setting and kung fu under him, but gets into lots of trouble, especially after white foreigners and their westernized Chinese enablers descend on the town in hopes of acquiring a valuable statue of the Goddess of Mercy on display at a local Buddhist temple.

Length 93 minutes


Alexander Fu Sheng | Ku Feng | Johnny Wang Lung-Wei | Walter Tso Tat-Wah | Tang Ching | Cecilia Wong Hang-Sau | Ngaai Fei | Liu Lai-Ling | Choh Seung-Wan | Ngai Tim-Choi | Lam Fai-Wong | Yeung Chi-Hing | Wong Ching-Ho | Teresa Ha Ping | Shum Lo | Chan Shen | Keung Hon | Wan Seung-Lam | Lee Sau-Kei | Cheng Miu | Sek Gong | Wang Han-Chen | Gam Tin-Chue | Lee Pang-Fei | Tin Ching | Ting Tung | Michael Chan