Chan Shen

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Movies logged featuring Chan Shen
TitleDirector(s)Year Released
36th Chamber of Shaolin, TheLiu Chia-Liang1978
Bastard Swordsman, TheTony Liu Chun-Ku1983
Bat without WingsChor Yuen1980
Brave Archer, TheChang Cheh1977
Brave Archer 2, TheChang Cheh1978
Brave Archer and His Mate, TheChang Cheh1982
Clan of AmazonsChor Yuen1978
Crazy SexLi Han-Hsiang1976
Daredevils, TheChang Cheh1979
Deadly Breaking Sword, TheSun Chung1979
Deadly Knives, TheJang Il-ho1972
Death DuelChor Yuen1977
Disciples of the 36th ChamberLiu Chia-Liang1985
Emperor and His Brother, TheChor Yuen1981
Five Element NinjasChang Cheh1982
Five Fingers of DeathJeong Chang-hwa1972
Five Shaolin MastersChang Cheh1974
Flag of Iron, TheChang Cheh1980
Full Moon ScimitarChor Yuen1979
Heaven Sword and Dragon SabreChor Yuen1978
Heaven Sword and Dragon Sabre IIChor Yuen1978
Intimate Confessions of a Chinese CourtesanChor Yuen1972
Invincible EnforcerCheng Kang1979
Invincible ShaolinChang Cheh1978
Kid with a Tattoo, TheSun Chung1980
Kiss of Death, TheHo Meng-Hua1973
Lady of the LawShen Chiang, Siu Wing1975
Lady Professional, TheAkinori Matsuo, Kuei Chih-Hung1971
Legend of the 7 Golden Vampires, TheChang Cheh, Roy Ward Baker1974
Lost SoulsMou Tun-fei1980
Magic Blade, TheChor Yuen1976
Master of Kung Fu, TheHo Meng-Hua1973
My Rebellious SonSun Chung1982
Opium and the Kung Fu MasterTong Kai1984
Proud Twins, TheChor Yuen1979
Proud Youth, TheSun Chung1978
Pursuit of VengeanceChor Yuen1977
Rendezvous with DeathSun Chung1980
Sentimental Swordsman, TheChor Yuen1977
Shadow Boxer, ThePao Hsueh-Li1974
Shaolin & Wu TangGordon Liu Chia-Hui1983
Shaolin Hand LockHo Meng-Hua1978
Shaolin IntrudersTong Kai1983
Shaolin PrinceTong Kai1982
Shaolin RescuersChang Cheh1979
Soul of the SwordHua Shan1978
Stranger and the Gunfighter, TheAntonio Margheriti1974
Sword Stained with Royal Blood, TheChang Cheh1981
Swordsman and EnchantressChor Yuen1978