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The Deadly Knives (1972)

Directed by Jang Il-ho

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Plotting to obtain the Yen family’s land, dastardly Japanese plutocrat Omura bribes Yen nephew Hsu Chien to steal the family seal and land deed. When Hsu Chien is caught in the act, he viciously beats elderly Master Yen to death to cover his actions. Determined to avenge the wrongs committed on his family and his country, young master Yen Tzu Fei blazes a knife-throwing path of revenge that leads him to his love Yue Hua’s father, who has corrupt connections with the Japanese

Length 88 minutes


Ching Li | Ling Yun | Lily Li Li-Li | Cheng Miu | Chen Yan-Yan | Chan Shen | Dean Shek | Lau Gong | Jin Bong-jin | Tang Ti | Lee Ho | Ku Wen-Chung | Lee Wan-Chung | Lee Sau-Kei | Kim Ki-Ju | Hung Ling-Ling