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Warriors of the Year 2072 (1984)

Directed by Lucio Fulci

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In the future, two television networks compete for ratings by producing violent game shows. One network produces a modern day version of the Roman gladiators, only on motorcycles instead of chariots, and uses convicted murderers as the participants, The network decides it needs a champion for this sport, so they frame a constant winner from another game for murder, and place him on the show.

Length 94 minutes


Fred Williamson | Valéria Cavalli | Renato Rossini | Lucio Fulci | Donald O'Brien | Cinzia Monreale | Al Cliver | Haruhiko Yamanouchi | Cosimo Cinieri | Claudio Cassinelli | Giovanni Di Benedetto | Eleonora Brigliadori | Penny Brown | Jared Martin | Omero Capanna | Mario Novelli | Matteo Corsini | Franco Moruzzi