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City of the Living Dead (1980)

Directed by Lucio Fulci

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A psychic participates in a séance where she sees a vision of a Dunwich priest hanging himself in a church cemetery, causing her to die of fright. New York City reporter Peter Bell investigates the séance and learns that the priest’s suicide has somehow opened a portal to Hell and must be sealed by All Saints Day, or else the dead will overtake humanity.

Rated NR | Length 93 minutes


Christopher George | Catriona MacColl | Carlo De Mejo | Giovanni Lombardo Radice | Janet Agren | Antonella Interlenghi | Daniela Doria | Fabrizio Jovine | Luca Venantini | Michele Soavi | Venantino Venantini | Robert Sampson | Luciano Rossi | Aldo Massasso | James Sampson | Perry Pirkanen | Lucio Fulci | Michael Gaunt | Enzo D'Ausilio | Adelaide Aste | Omero Capanna | Virginia Logan | Robert E. Warner | Nat Bush