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Average Rating: 7.5/10

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Forbidden City Cop (1996)

Directed by Vincent Kok, Stephen Chow

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Set in Imperial China, Stephen Chiau plays Ling Ling Fat, one of the elite Emperor’s guards in the Forbidden City. However unlike his colleagues he doesn’t know anything about Kung Fu or other martial-arts, but instead uses his time to make futuristic inventions. So when the emperor is kidnapped and the world most beautiful geisha comes to town Fat has to use his brain to get things done.

Length 89 minutes


Wong Kwan-Hong | Jackson Ng | Charles Shen | Chan Kim-Wan | Manfred Wong | Wong Yat-Fei | Wong Chi-Keung | Alvina Kong | Chik King-Man | Mimi Chu | Poon Hang-Sang | Kingdom Yuen | Yuen Shun-Yi | Yuen Cheung-Yan | Tats Lau | Lee Lik-Chi | Cheung Tat-Ming | Law Kar-Ying | Carman Lee | Carina Lau | Stephen Chow