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Assignment: Paris (1952)

Directed by Robert Parrish

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George Sanders plays Nicholas Strang, the wise editor of the paper, for which Jimmy Race (Dana Andrews) works as a digging, scheming reporter. Viewers will recognize Sanders from All About Eve, again playing the older, wiser, mentor. A lot of time is spent with the viewer (but not the characters in the film) watching and hearing what is going on inside the foreign embassies and administration offices, so it’s very much a cold war us- against- them story, with Race trying to get to the truth. Caught up in all this is fellow reporter Marta Toren as Jeanne Moray, and no-one is really sure what her story is…. We are led to think she is more involved than we know, but that part of the story seems to have been dropped, or deleted.

Length 85 minutes


George Sanders | Dana Andrews | Audrey Totter | Donald Randolph | Herbert Berghof | Sandro Giglio | Willis Bouchey | Märta Torén | Ben Astar | Earl Lee