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Corvette Summer (1978)

Directed by Matthew Robbins

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Ken loves to design and build exotic cars. When the High School shop class project car, a fully tricked out dream Corvette, is stolen, he begins searching for it. His search leads him to Las Vegas, where Vanessa, a teenaged prostitute wannabe, helps him try to track it down.

Rated PG | Length 105 minutes


Mark Hamill | Annie Potts | Eugene Roche | William Bryant | Richard McKenzie | Kim Milford | Philip Bruns | Danny Bonaduce | Albert Insinnia | Jane A. Johnston | Stanley Kamel | Clifford A. Pellow | Jason Ronard | Brion James | Morgan Upton | Wendie Jo Sperber | Dick Miller | Jonathan Terry | Isaac Ruiz | William Pierson | Richard Altman | MacIntyre Dixon | Harlan Warde