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Average Rating: 7.5/10

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Compliance (2012)

Directed by Craig Zobel

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Sandra is the manager at a fast-food restaurant, and Becky is her teenaged counter girl who really needs the job. One stressful day, a police officer telephones and accuses Becky of stealing money from a customer’s purse, which Becky vehemently denies. Sandra, overwhelmed by her managerial responsibilities, complies with the officer’s orders to detain Becky, beginning a nightmare that tragically blurs the lines between expedience, prudence, legality and reason.

Rated R | Length 90 minutes


Matt Skibiak | Desmin Borges | John Merolla | Amelia Fowler | Stephen Payne | Ralph Rodriguez | Nikiya Mathis | Bill Camp | Ann Dowd | Ashlie Atkinson | James McCaffrey | Philip Ettinger | Pat Healy | Dreama Walker