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Average Rating: 7.0/10

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EXIT (2019)

Directed by Lee Sang-geun

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When an unknown toxic gas strikes Seoul in an unprecedented act of terror, Yong-nam has just met Eui-ju from college by chance at his mother’s birthday banquet. The city falls under sudden noxious gas attack and together, they must escape the panic-stricken city.

Length 103 minutes


Bae Hae-sun | Lee Dong-hwi | Oh Hee-joon | Kim Kang-hyun | Lee Jeong-in | Ban Hye-ra | Shin Se-hwui | Yoo Su-bin | Bae Yoo-ram | Park Sung-il | Jung Min-sung | Lee Bong-ryeon | Hwang Hyo-eun | Kim Byeong-soon | Kim Jong-goo | Kang Ki-young | Kim Ji-young | Park In-hwan | Goh Doo-shim | Lim Yoona | Cho Jung-seok