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The Shaggy D.A. (1976)

Directed by Robert Stevenson

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Wilby Daniels, a successful lawyer running for District Attorney, suddenly finds himself being transformed into an English sheepdog. Somehow he has to keep his change a secret and find just what is causing it, all the while eluding the local dog catcher.

Rated G | Length 91 minutes


Keenan Wynn | John Fiedler | Suzanne Pleshette | Richard Bakalyan | Vic Tayback | Dick Van Patten | Hans Conried | Warren Berlinger | Dean Jones | Tim Conway | Ronnie Schell | Michael McGreevey | John Myhers | Richard Lane | Benny Rubin | Richard O'Brien | Jonathan Daly | Liam Dunn | Jo Anne Worley | Shane Sinutko