Movies by release date: 1976

Movielogr users have logged 177 movies that were released in 1976.

Movies released in 1976
*P*E, APaul Leder
18 BronzemenJoseph Kuo
1976 FIA Formula One World Championship Season Review
Adventure of ShaolinWu Min-hsiung
All the President's MenAlan J. Pakula
Animal, TheWalter Ungerer
Apple PieHoward Goldberg
Assault on Precinct 13John Carpenter
Astral Factor, TheJohn Florea
Astrologer, TheCraig Denney
At the Earth's CoreKevin Connor
Bad News Bears, TheMichael Ritchie
Barbed Wire DollsJesús Franco
Big Racket, TheEnzo G. Castellari
Black Emanuelle 2Bitto Albertini
Black Magic 2Ho Meng-Hua
Black ShampooGreydon Clark
Blind RageEfren C. Piñon
Bloodsucking FreaksJoel M. Reed
Bobbie Jo and the OutlawMark L. Lester
Brotherhood of DeathBill Berry
Bruce Lee Fights Back from the GraveLee Doo-yong
Bruce's Deadly FingersJoseph Kong Hung
Bugsy MaloneAlan Parker
Burnt OfferingsDan Curtis
Car WashMichael Schultz
CarrieBrian De Palma
Cassandra Crossing, TheGeorge P. Cosmatos
Cat Murkil and the SilksJohn A. Bushelman
Challenge of the MastersLiu Chia-Liang
Cloistered Nun: Runa's ConfessionMasaru Konuma
Clown Murders, TheMartyn Burke
Columbo: A Matter of HonorTed Post
Coup de GrâceVolker Schlöndorff
Crazy SexLi Han-Hsiang
Creature from Black LakeJoy N. Houck Jr.
Cry Your Purple Heart OutOgden Lowell
Date with a KidnapperFrederick R. Friedel
Death MachinesPaul Kyriazi
Death WeekendWilliam Fruet
Devil's ExpressBarry Rosen
Devil's Men, TheKostas Karagiannis
DogsBurt Brinckerhoff
Dojoji TempleKihachiro Kawamoto
Dr. Black, Mr. HydeWilliam Crain
Dragon Lives, TheHsing-Lai Wang
Dragon Missile, TheHo Meng-Hua
Drive-InRod Amateau
Drive-In MassacreStu Segall
DrumBurt Kennedy, Steve Carver
Eaten AliveTobe Hooper
Emanuelle in BangkokJoe D'Amato
Emmanuelle on Taboo IslandEnzo D'Ambrosio, Humberto Morales
Enforcer, TheJames Fargo
ExposéJames Kenelm Clarke
Family PlotAlfred Hitchcock
First Easter Rabbit, TheJules Bass, Arthur Rankin, Jr.
Food of the Gods, TheBert I. Gordon
Freaky FridayGary Nelson
Free Hand for a Tough CopUmberto Lenzi
GatorBurt Reynolds
GilgamesAndrás Rajnai
God Told Me ToLarry Cohen
GrizzlyWilliam Girdler
Gumball Rally, TheCharles Bail
Hand of DeathJohn Woo
Harry and Walter Go to New YorkMark Rydell
Hey, You!Péter Szoboszlay
Himalayan, TheWong Fung
Hollywood BoulevardJoe Dante, Allan Arkush
Horse in the HouseGyörgyi Csonka
Hot PotatoOscar Williams
House with Laughing Windows, ThePupi Avati
Human Tornado, TheCliff Roquemore
I Don't Want to Be BornPeter Sasdy
In Search of BigfootLawrence Crowley, William F. Miller
In the Beginning Was the End: The Truth About De-EvolutionChuck Statler
In the Dust of the StarsGottfried Kolditz
In the Realm of the SensesNagisa Ōshima
InsiangLino Brocka
J.D.'s RevengeArthur Marks
Jabberwalk this is america
Karate WarriorsKazuhiko Yamaguchi
KeomaEnzo G. Castellari
Kill or Be KilledIvan Hall
Killer ClansChor Yuen
Killer Meteors, TheLo Wei
Killing Machine, TheNorifumi Suzuki
Killing of a Chinese Bookie, TheJohn Cassavetes
King KongJohn Guillermin
King Kung FuLance D. Hayes
Kiss of the TarantulaChris Munger
LipstickLamont Johnson
Little Drummer Boy Book II, TheJules Bass, Arthur Rankin, Jr.
Little Girl Who Lives Down the Lane, TheNicolas Gessner
Little Mermaid, TheKarel Kachyňa
Live Like a Cop, Die Like a ManRuggero Deodato
Logan's RunMichael Anderson
Magic Blade, TheChor Yuen
Man on the RoofBo Widerberg
Man Who Fell to Earth, TheNicolas Roeg
Marathon ManJohn Schlesinger
Mars MenChen Hung-min
Massacre at Central HighRene Daalder
Master of the Flying GuillotineJimmy Wang Yu
Meet Him and DieFranco Prosperi
MidwayJack Smight
Million Dollar Rip-Off, TheAlexander Singer
Ming Patriots, TheTsai Yang-Ming
Mother, Jugs & SpeedPeter Yates
Mountain of the Cannibal Gods
Murder by DeathRobert Moore
Muthers, TheCirio H. Santiago
NetworkSidney Lumet
New Battles Without Honor and Humanity 3: Last Days of the BossKinji Fukasaku
New Fist of FuryLo Wei
New Shaolin Boxers, TheChang Cheh, Wu Ma
Northville Cemetery Massacre, TheWilliam Dear, Thomas L. Dyke
ObsessionBrian De Palma
Oily Maniac, TheHo Meng-Hua
Omen, TheRichard Donner
One Armed Swordsman Against Nine KillersHsu Tseng-Hung, Lee Jeong-Ho
One Armed Swordsmen, TheDavid Chiang, Jimmy Wang Yu
Paul Lynde Halloween Special, TheSid Smith
People Who Own the Dark, TheLeón Klimovsky
Plot of FearPaolo Cavara
Private Eyes, TheMichael Hui
Queen KongFrank Agrama
Queen's Ransom, ATing Shan-Hsi
RattlersJohn McCauley
RendezvousClaude Lelouch
Return of the 18 BronzemenJoseph Kuo
Revenge of the CheerleadersRichard Lerner
RockyJohn G. Avildsen
Rome, Armed to the TeethUmberto Lenzi
Rudolph's Shiny New YearJules Bass, Arthur Rankin, Jr.
Rulers of the CityFernando Di Leo
Salò, or the 120 Days of SodomPier Paolo Pasolini
Salon KittyTinto Brass
Satan's SlaveNorman J. Warren
Scenes with BeansOttó Foky
Shaggy D.A., TheRobert Stevenson
Shaolin TempleChang Cheh
Shaolin Wooden MenChen Chi-Hwa
ShootHarvey Hart
Shootist, TheDon Siegel
Signalman, TheLawrence Gordon Clark
Silent MovieMel Brooks
Silver StreakArthur Hiller
Sister Street Fighter: Fifth Level FistShigehiro Ozawa
Slipper and the Rose, TheBryan Forbes
Spirit of the RapedKuei Chih-Hung
SquirmJeff Lieberman
St. IvesJ. Lee Thompson
Story in the Temple Red LilyKarl Liao
Stranger in My Forest, ADonald W. Thompson
Street PeopleMaurizio Lucidi, Guglielmo Garroni
Super Riders, TheLin Chong-Guang
Super Weapon, TheJim Sotos, Henry Scarpelli
Taxi DriverMartin Scorsese
Tenant, TheRoman Polanski
Things to ComeDerek Todd
To the Devil a DaughterPeter Sykes
Town That Dreaded Sundown, TheCharles B. Pierce
Track of the Moon BeastRichard Ashe
TrackdownRichard T. Heffron
TracksHenry Jaglom
TrainsCaleb Deschanel
Two-Minute WarningLarry Peerce
Vigilante ForceGeorge Armitage
Visa de censure n° XPierre Clémenti
War GodChen Hung-min
Web of Death, TheChor Yuen
Werewolf WomanRino Di Silvestro
Who Can Kill a Child?Narciso Ibáñez Serrador
Witch Who Came from the Sea, TheMatt Cimber
Yakuza GraveyardKinji Fukasaku