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Spare Parts (2020)

Directed by Andrew Thomas Hunt

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Members of female punk rock band engage in a rowdy brawl with local hoodlums during their bar gig and spent the night at an auto repair shop with a kind passerby offering to fix their broken-down van. Upon waking up, they realize rather than getting their car fixed, they are in an arena made of junkyard cars and are mutated to be modern-day gladiators with mechanical parts replacing their limbs. Surrounded by blood-thirsty crowd and a local dictator named The Emperor, bloody battles ensue as they are thrown into the survival of their lives while they try to find the means to escape.


Julian Richings | Ryan Allen | Emily Alatalo | Michelle Argyris | Erin Noble | Matt Connors | Kevan Kase | Michael Vincent Dagostino | Kiriana Stanton | Justin James Remeikis | Kayla Dumont | Kathryn Kohut