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The Conspiracy of Torture (1969)

Directed by Lucio Fulci

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In 1599 Italy, Beatrice Cenci is the teenage daughter of the crazed landowner and nobleman Francesco Cenci who keeps her locked up in the dungeon of his castle where he sexually abuses her. Beatrice plots with her stepmother, her besotted servant Olimpio, as well as a local bandit, named Catalano to plan Francesco’s murder.

Length 99 minutes


Adrienne La Russa | Tomás Milián | Georges Wilson | Mavie Bardanzellu | Antonio Casagrande | Ignazio Spalla | Steffen Zacharias | Raymond Pellegrin | Giancarlo Badessi | John Bartha | Jerzy Reyzaker | Massimo Sarchielli | Umberto D'Orsi | Stefano Oppedisano | Amedeo Trilli | Giuseppe Fortis | Ernesto Colli | Mirko Ellis