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Face (2000)

Directed by Junji Sakamoto

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‘Face’ is a fascinating and difficult to categorize movie. Naomi Fujiyama gives an impressive performance (her movie debut) as the frumpy, clumsy and socially retarded Masako who one day strangles the pretty sister who loves to torment her. Masako flees from her home and then goes on a journey, both physically and emotionally, which ranges from everything from rape, earthquakes, learning to ride a bicycle, and working in a karaoke bar.

Length 123 minutes


Jun Kunimura | Michiyo Ookusu | Ittoku Kishibe | Shungiku Uchida | Koichi Sato | Etsushi Toyokawa | Riho Makise | Misako Watanabe | Naomi Fujiyama | Ai Saotome | Nakamura KanzaburĊ XVIII | Hajime Tsukumo