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Average Rating: 6.5/10

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Stray Cat Rock: Beat '71 (1971)

Directed by Toshiya Fujita

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Toshiya Fujita brings the five film Stray Cat Rock series to a highly enjoyable end. Like his previous instalment, Wild Jumbo, Beat ’71 is an easy going youth drama that does not follow Yasuharu Hasebe’s wild gang film path. Instead Fujita deals with social issues. The film follows a hippie community lead by Yoshitaro (Yoshio Harada). They decide to leave their trailer in Shinjuku and travel to countryside by bicycle to save their friend Furiko (Meiko Kaji) who has been falsely accused for murder. The real killer – although it was mainly self defense – is Furiko’s boyfried Takaaki (Takeo Chii) who is being controlled by his politician father. Takaaki would rather live free as a hippie, but his father is forcing him to become a businessman.

Length 87 minutes


Yoshio Inaba | Tatsuya Fuji | Meiko Kaji | Yoshio Harada | Eiji Gō | Takeo Chii | Takashi Fujiki | Bunjaku Han | Yûsuke Natsu | Torahiko Hamada | Michiko Tsukasa | Soichiro Maeno | Nobuko Aoki | Mari Koiso | Yuka Kumari